Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Victoria's Secret Eyeshadow in 24K

I heard this eyeshadow was out of stock for a while and at some point rumor has it that it was discontinued? Anyway, it was a year ago since I heard about it. At the time I did go on a search for it and couldn't find it. (So, I didn't really know how it looks like) Recently, one of my best friends gave me a coupon for $10 and the eyeshadow was exactly $10. So basically, I got it for free.

I just happened to look at the cosmetics section from VS, cause I didn't know what I want to get from the lingerie section and this sparkly eyeshadow caught my eye. I decided to look at the name and I couldn't believe this was the eyeshadow I've been on the hunt for a year ago!

This is an eyeshadow I wouldn't use on daily basis because it is a bit too sparkly. I would use it during the holidays and maybe out to dinner. So pretty!

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