Saturday, March 20, 2010

E.L.F (Eyes Lips Face)

I heard about this brand a while back but finally decided to try it out since I love makeup and the price of these products are around $1!!! Can't beat that and sometimes there are discount codes on top of that. So I got a few blushes, lipglosses, bronzers, a set of brushes, and a brow set.

ELF Bronzer + Highlight (from left to right): Matte Bronze, Sun Kissed, Luminance ($1 ea)

Matte Bronze

Sun Kissed


ELF Blushes (from left to right): Shy, Innocence, Glow ($1 ea)




ELF Lipgloss (from left to right): Candlelight, Goddess, Pink Kiss ($1 ea)

Brush Set ($30) but there was 50% off on the Studio line.

Eyebrow Kit in Light ($3)

MAC Eyeshadows + Liberty of London Beauty Powder

Today I got two refill pans of the MAC eyeshadow in Tilt (blue) + Paradisco (Coral).($11 ea)

 MAC Eyeshadow Top (from left to right): Sumptuous Olive + Retrospeck
 MAC Eyeshadow Bottom (from left to right): Tilt (Blue) + Paradisco (Coral)

MAC Limited Edition Beauty Powder: Liberty of London in Shell Pearl($25)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nail Polish Collection

So far I have collected 41 nail polishes: 
2 Anna Sui
7 pa
3 nail art 
5 Avon
19 China Glaze
1 Miscellaneous

MAC Lipstick Mixes

The MAC lipstick Half'NHalf (Amplified) + Blankety (Amplified) combination makes such a pretty nude color on my lip. This may not look good on everyone since everyone has a different skin tone.

 Half 'N Half (Amplified)