Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Version of "Project 10 Pan": "Project Hit Bottom" Series 1

So the original "Project 10 Pan" is finish using a beauty product, a makeup product to be more specific, and using it until you see the metal part at the bottom, aka "pan". A lot of people in the beauty world has followed this trend because they feel guilty buying sooooo many products and never finishing them.

 I, myself, have been guilty of this, so I stretched this concept to other products I keep buying and wanting to try but never finish them. For example, shampoos and conditioners.

I know it may not seem like a huge accomplishment that I finished these products, but it took a long time......
To go through these bottles really took an effort because I don't know about you, but I use things half way and get bored of them. I'm always on a look out for new products to try. After looking at all the stuff I have, I feel like I'm a hoarder, trying to keep everything and not wanting to waste them but can't resist getting new things.

I finally finished the SunSilk shampoo and conditioner. The Pantene ProV is probably my most re-purchase item, I probably went through like 8 bottles of shampoo + conditioner already. The bottle on the bottom is the Clarins Toner in Chamomile (2nd bottle), the little black/silver Cap bottle next to the Clarins and below the SunSilk is the Lancome Genifique Concentrate (just finished the 1st bottle). The huge bottle with pump on far top right is the Purity cleanser by Philosophy. It's the largest size available and I'm almost done. The last product I went through is the Fusain Facial Wash by Mandom Corp. The facial wash was really good for it's price, I think it was like around $4 and it lasted me a loooooong time. It's like a gentle minty scrub.

So, I finally hit bottom for these products and I'm so proud of myself. I feel like I shouldn't purchase anymore products until I finish almost everything I have. My next step is finishing some of my makeup. I feel like even if I apply makeup everyday, I cannot finish with the amount I have. I know I can but it's definitely going to take time. A LONG TIME.......

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